hardd questions // what do i think?

1) If you were deserted on an island in the middle of nowhere, what is the first thing you would do?

I'd probably have to calm myself down... and rationalize. Think about the situation and then make the best of it. I would think about survival first, not finding away off the island. Gotta make it through the first night. It might actually be fun!

2) If God didn't exist, would you invent him?

I'm not sure... this one would come down to if I had any knowledge of a higher being like that. If I didn't know, if our society didn't teach about Gods and creators, then maybe I wouldn't. But then again, maybe I would create someone I could go to for advice and maybe I would create someone to watch over me. It depends on a lot of things.

3) If you grew up the complete opposite of how you did, would you be a different person?

Yes and No. I think we as beings have a preset mind and soul. Things around us don't necessarily make us who we are. We may be influenced by our surroundings but as a being I already hold my own feelings, thoughts, and 'person'. Its complicated to explain but I think its a part of our brains we don't use. A part that explains how we know things, how we figure out who we are, etc.

4) If someone pulled a gun on you and did shoot you, would you be angry?
Honestly, I take what life brings me with an open mind. People have to deal with their own problems. And I understand people live hard lives. It would be their problem in the end. To deal with their own suffering. I would hope them the best and hope they understand they need help. I wouldn't be hateful, maybe only for a short amount of time. But I would be thankful that God saved me. I wouldn't dwell on the hate for that person, only hope they got some help.

5) If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

I would have a magic lamp that I could rub and ask the genie for as many wishes as I want



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