the other day i was watching a movie i had just bought. and i was talking to my bf and saying how great these particular movies were and blah blah. and i was thinking about the third installment to these. just thinking about it and how i might buy it or i wanted to watch it. you know, that desire you get when you watch something you haven't in a long time and it just pops in your head? then about three days later, that movie that i was just thinking about... is on tv! ??? and its not even the season for this type of movie. (its a Christmas movie) does that ever happen to you?! well then, the other day i put this vhs in the video player (yea my parents still have one!) its a Disney movie. i just wanted to watch something that would put me in a good mood. one of those, "take me out of reality" kinda days. so we watched it and forgot about.

now mind you this is a movie made in the 1990's, Early 1990's. i've never seen it on the Disney channel. ever. infact normally, the Disney channel doesn't play older 'classic' movies. well guess what. the same day the Christmas movie was on (same exact time, in fact) the Disney movie was on the Disney channel! and this was later in the evening which is honestly weird for the Disney channel. but how weird is that?

its like when your thinking of a song and out of no where that song come on the radio! what are the chances of that? or this has happened to me before... we'll be watching an older movie, maybe its one of those ones i really like and i'll play it while i'm cleaning or at night to fall asleep to. and then completely out of no where, i'll see it on tv within the next week. and i'm talking about movies that aren't ALWAYS on tv. we all know, there are a lot of movies that are constantly played on television.

so is it a conspiracy? do dvds and vhs and cds have play counters in them? do the companies keep track of the most played videos?! or is it a psychic phenomena? or maybe its just pure coincidence. but it happens SO often. at least to me it does.

i get goosebumps when it happens :]


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