wanting. waiting. proving.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you think it might not happen? That it will be jinxed because of how bad you want it? What happens if it doesn't happen? Then what? That's scarier than a lot of things that could possibly happen.

Why do people make it so hard to prove things? If you wanted something bad enough and you are trying your damnest, then why would people still cut you down and say you can't do it? Why, if it is something out of the ordinary for you, do people feel the need to shut you down? If you want something bad enough to try your hardest and do everything it takes, I would back you up and praise you. Apparently most people don't think that way.

If in the end, you do succeed, then what do those people think? Usually they are still ignorant and won't give you the praise you deserve. Why are people this way? Why are people jealous? Why are people unhappy? If on the way through your journey, why do people tell you all the negatives? Why do they act like they know more about it than you do?

If in the end, you don't succeed, why do people feel so sorry for you? But behind your back, tell others they knew you couldn't do it? Why do they act like its better this way? How is it better if that's what you really wanted?

If in the end you do not succeed, and you wanted it more than anything, is it right not to be able to get over it? Is it okay to think there's nothing else? What if there really isn't? What if that was your last choice? The last hoo-rah?

Is fate controlling you if in the end you do or don't succeed?


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